All In A Day!!

Today started well–I got to the therapy pool (92 degree water) about 7:00AM and had time to do a little over an hour of water aerobics–and doing prayer, meditation, and affirmations during the same time period.

I needed to go to the Social Security Administration office to change addresses for Mom and for me and to pick-up Mom’s 1099 from Social Security for 2013 so that I can finish her taxes.  Lots of people were at the office at 9:26, when I arrived.  I got to a window to see someone about 10:20 or so.  I didn’t have the correct paperwork for Mom so I have to get that handled before I can change her address or get her 1099.  They changed my address quickly, though they couldn’t deal with a residence address and a mailing address.

Just before I got to the window, my friend, Dave, and his wife, Leslie, called me on my cell to have me check out an article in today’s New Day Herald newspaper.  The school district I used to work for (U-46) was having a hiring fair today for bilingual teachers.  When I finished with Social Security, I drove to the Batavia Public Library and read the newspaper.  The U-46 job fair was from 9:00 to 12:00 and it was already 11:30.

Just outside the periodical room the library has several computer stations for adults.  I just needed to sign-in with my library card. I went to the “TeachInKane” website to check on my application to the districts covered by the Kane County Regional Office of Education. Lots of new vacancies have shown up over the summer and I redid my application based on what I saw.  It wasn’t easy to apply for the vacant positions using the system.  I was surprised to realize that U-46 has dropped out of the “Consortium” covered by that website and application and is “doing its own thing.”

I was able to import most of my information from the Kaneland School District website and just edit things and fill-in blanks the computer had left. I was very surprised to discover that it took me until about 4:30 PM CDT to complete and save the application for U-46. (Along the way I made some improvements to my application through the Consortium as well.)

I called and thanked Dave and Leslie for their timely information this morning.  Then I contacted AARP Medicare Complete Plus (HMO and POS), my MedicareC provider, to give them the address change.  They said that, because the change of address is in the same county, there is no change in coverage.  I received a letter a couple of weeks ago from this insurance company, advising me that my primary care physician is being dropped from the network as of August 1, 2014, and that I have to find another one.

I found a Humana plan (their most basic Medicare Advantage coverage) that accepted all of my doctors and hospitals.  I guess I’ll have to wait to sign-up for that plan until the window for change opens up on October 15, 2014.








The fair was from 9:00 to 12:00.

Connecting With Subscribers of

We have 774 subscribers and 3 administrators for  Thanks to each and all of you who have registered.  I hope this post reaches you.

We were integrated with Aweber–a responder system that would normally let me know that each of you was added to the website.  Somehow that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Now that I know I have that many subscribers, I need to know what you want more of.  My posts in this blog have been largely “stream of consciousness”–what’s on my mind for any particular day.

I have the SEO attributes set for this post.  I have emails from people who registered, though, according to Aweber, I only have 67 people on mailing lists.  Very strange.  I haven’t been using Aweber effectively and I’ve had the service for more than two years.

Here’s what I can do.  I can make a sign-up link right here so that you can sign-on to an Aweber list for  That way, if you want to, you’ll have an easy way to do it.

Why would you want to?  To get some emails from me about some things that may be of interest to you.  Let me know and send me feedback.  You can send me an email about this site at



World Public

Yes, there is a World Public  I learned about it a few years ago and just resubscribed today.  You can self-publish your own books and download free books in .pdf format.

They have millions of titles and the subscription is $8.95 US per year. Much of the money raised goes to support global literacy projects.

Why am I excited about that?  I love to read and am slowly writing and publishing books.  I have two on at the moment.  I also think public libraries are important.

Earlier this year when I moved to Batavia, IL, I got a library card at the Batavia Public Library before I moved into my apartment.  An “eLibrary card” at the World Public Library is a terrific idea.

You can also expand your reading and have more eBooks available.

Check them out (not an affiliate program)

Forward 2 Back 3

Have you ever had to follow some directions–like learning dance steps–forward 2, back 3, side step 1, forward 2, reverse side step 3, etc.

I’m finding that to be the case with some of the activities I’m engaged in this week, building infrastructure to support my online business set-ups.  (The results are similar to the classic, “You can’t get there from here” quote when someone asks directions to some place.)

I have lots of tools to move very quickly–and still in circles.  A friend of mind just told me, “Contact me when you’ve done all you have to do.”  (I didn’t find the comment particularly helpful and it probably makes sense from my friend’s perspective.)

I did sign-up for an affiliate program today that I think will be helpful. It offers free services to help people with online emailing and communication.  I’ll share more about that (and a link) later.  That will be part of

If you know of anyone interested in exploring how to build an effective team for multi-level-marketing (MLM), have them check out the video in the previous post.  If anyone is actively looking to build such a team, follow this link for help in generating leads for team members.



New–MLM Success Story video on YouTube

The new MLM Success Story video was just released on YouTube.  Remember to check it out.

Encourage anyone you know who is working with (or considering joining) an MLM to check out the video and the support page on

Empowerment–a hot topic

Empowerment is a hot topic today.  I was doing research for an article and found lots of comments about “empowerment.”  Some focused on empowering women, teachers, schools, students, the poor, the under—whatever.

In my own reflections, I began to look at my intuitive scale regarding empowerment.  Situations, cultures, even individuals can be “empowering” or “disempowering.”

How can we tell?  How do we feel when we’re around them?  Are we lifted up?  Are we feeling (honestly) good about ourselves?  Can we do more/better/different in the world around us because of being around them or learning from them or learning something that they are teaching us?

Do we feel weaker? Do we feel more isolated, alone, judged, incapable of movement or change?  (We’ve been in a “disempowering” situation.)

I’m coming to realize that empowerment is similar to the concept of life.  When something is alive, it is constantly growing.  If it is not growing, it is in the process of dying.

When we are working on empowering ourselves and the people around us, we are alive and growing.  When, for whatever reason, we find ourselves “disempowering” someone, we are disempowering ourselves and have stopped growing and lifting toward the Light.

Food for thought.   Joel Montgomery



New Page and App Out on Facebook

I was busy today getting a new Page and App up on Facebook. There’s more work to do and they’re both initially published. I’ll get them up to speed as part of an ongoing project to get people involved with me in case studies and workshops leading to “Empowerment to Improve the Quality of Your Life”

It’s amazing how long the little things take to do.

Project, Tools, Service, and Results

Today was interesting. I redid one blog to put all squeeze pages in a separate folder. That worked well so for. I redid a video and have only one format though one is housed on Amazon S3 and the other on YouTube.

At 11:30 I met with the Chaplain at Delnor Hospital about a new service project I’m starting next Friday (July 4th). It should be very interesting.

At 2:00PM I got on a “Go-to-Meeting” Webinar (that must have started earlier) and learned about some software that helps generate traffic. I need to do that both for my own sites and when I’m working with the network program, so I took advantage of the offers on the webinar. Now I need to generate some content and to see some revenues comeing in in the next 7 days. I have the vehicles in place to take payments, now I need to see if I get the right kind and quality of traffic coming to those sites.

A big conference started today in Charlotte, NC, and runs through Sunday. I spend quality time with my 99-year-old Mom every evening and couldn’t do that from Charlotte. The video will be great and I may be able to catch some online programming from the conference.

My near-term priorities are to get as much automation as I can to help me generate traffic-producing content, then to take some time to consolidate my storage units and reduce my storage fees. One of my first goals for the new Internet systems is to generate rent for my apartment, for my storage units, and for all my Internet expenses. A second short-term goal is to pull together the investment required to make the network offer both realistic and powerful. We’ll see how much I can get done over the weekend.

Reflections on Internet Information Marketing

Yesterday was invested in setting-up a new blog site (actually a four-piece blog site), creating a product package for the site and a series of sales funnel for the site. Developing the products will take some time, too.

I was hoping to begin generating “instant sales” and that isn’t going to happen. Internet Information Marketing still seems to be the best way to generate significant income for the foreseeable future.

I had my first website on the Internet up about 1988. I was using it as a platform to sell my consulting services. I’ve been involved with the Internet and Information Marketing (“Infopreneurship”) since that time. I became the protege of a “guru” of information marketing in 2001. Through that connection I started working with a very successful team of internet information marketers in 2011 and used their knowledge and skill (and programs) to develop multiple blogging websites in 2011 and 2012. I stopped active working of those sites when I went back to teaching. This summer I picked things back up–getting all the website infrastructure up to date, then working on content.

At the same time, a new friend from LinkedIn shared with me the successes she and several of her friends have had with someone else’s system and products on the Internet. What I’ve been doing hasn’t worked to grow my income so far, so working with someone else’s successful system sounds good to me.

I’ve been involved in Network Marketing over the years–starting with Amway, then moving to a variety of other organizations. I never made any money with any of them.

One of the attractive things about the company my friend introduced me to is that they use Internet tools and systems to sell over the Internet. I don’t have to involve family and friends (again).

There is a significant “buy in” recommended (though nothing is required). To make powerful amounts of money quickly, a person needs to “buy in” to the products and to start using them to grow his or her business. That’s basically a very good idea. I’m going to have to use my existing resources to generate the capital I to make the “buy in” for the new company.

That gave me even more incentive to leverage my existing sites as income producers as well.