Keeping Websites Up-to-Date

Today has been challenging!  HostGator–one of my hosting services–is implementing a major change in its PHP configuration tomorrow and I need to make sure my websites in my Hostgator Reseller account will continue to work.  As of publication of this post I’m fairly sure they will and am not absolutely positive.

Saturday I spent lots of time getting my websites hosted by BlueHost up-to-date.  All needed the latest WordPress update, then the plugins and themes had to be updated, then I needed to check the website code due to the needs of some additional plugins I needed.

HostGator and BlueHost tech support are phenomenal.  Both helped me when I had technical issues that went beyond my ability to diagnose and fix.  I’m still in the process of getting everything to operate as efficiently as possible and, hopefully, I am coming close.

As part of the process, I looked at how many users I had on the different sites and have already started to eliminate websites that don’t have anyone looking at them.  I need to do a better job in monitoring and interacting with a fewer number of sites so that I can “monetize” them and actually use them to bring in new clients to my workshops and products and to get input so that I can design some new products for real clients.

I discovered tonight, even though everything was up-to-date yesterday, a different plug-in had changed and now I have to go to every site and upgrade that plug-in.  The good news is that I’m still finishing up my sites, so an extra update won’t take too much time.

“How can I help you?”

Last night I received an email from a new friend who has a role as a performance coach.  Her question to me was, “How can I help you?”

It was a good question.  I need to learn more about her and to reflect more on what kind of help I need.  Since I offer similar services for clients, I need to be thinking about how I can ask them for what kind of help they might need as well.

Today I was upgrading lots of web sites–adjusting code, etc.  I am a “heavy user” of websites without being a programmer.  The websites are to help me communicate, so I need to make them where people want to go there and communicate.

Sure, I need help with the code and things.  Later I’ll pay someone to help and, at the moment, I’m learning as I go so that I can explain what I want to someone else.

I also need help attracting paying clients.  While I’ve offered my services over the web, that’s not how clients have been finding me.  Today was the next to the last day of school for the K-12 school district where I’ve been substitute teaching (Kaneland School District).  I enjoy the work with the students and, beginning this summer, I want to do more with adults.

I started working with K-12 students after 9/11/2001.  My earlier background had been as an organizational development/change management consultant for more than 30 years, with a masters and a doctorate designed to help me help adults and organizations learn and change.  I did get a post-doctorate masters in teaching as part of Illinois certification process, though my real gifts lie in helping teachers develop new and more productive strategies to help their students learn.

I need help getting contracts to work with teachers–probably with the help of a grant writer.  In the past two years, in my own continuing education, I have become certified as an advanced hypnotist, an NLP (neurolinguistic programing) trainer, and additional specialty trainings focused on helping people achieve their goals.

I need to “monetize” what I know so that I have the financial resources to do the service work I also enjoy.  I need help with all of that.  Know anyone who can help me?  Even better, I’m looking for ways that we can help each other.





Reflections on a Sunday

Today I went to a Bible Study to explore what we are reading during Episcopal Sunday services in more depth.

The Early Christians and the early years of the Christian Church were hard on its believers.  Most were devout Jews until they were thrown out of the synagogues for following the teachings of Jesus.  Before they were thrown out, they workshop in the synagogue, then met in Christian fellowship on the first day of the week.  Once they could no longer go to synagogue, they were on their own to create their Church.

The Bible as we know it did not exist then.   The stories initially passed down orally and were only later put into writing.  This kind of turmoil and challenge continued for the first 300 or 400 years after Christ’s resurrection. In 325 AD, Emperor Constantine, of the Roman Empire (headquartered in Constantinople, Turkey) was facing a crisis in the Church and convened the First Ecumenical Council in  Nicaea (now Iznik) in Turkey.  The agreement created in Nicaea was actually adapted at the Second Ecumenical Council held in Constantinople in 381.  The agreement was formulated into a statement of belief (creed) required of all church members.  It is codified now as the Nicene Creed and is recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Asian Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, and several other protestant churches.

The Nicene Creed is a statement of belief that reflects the group-nature of the people who created it.  It’s still a fundamental statement of belief for Christians.  It is very good to build on a solid foundation–including a foundation of belief.







Cleaning-up Websites–What Do People Want?

When I’m busy teaching, I often don’t have time to keep up with my websites.  Teaching is winding down for the summer.  I am scheduled to substitute teach on Monday, June 2nd, in the morning and that is about the last time for the 2013-2014 year.

In the last few days I have been doing clean-up on my websites.  I am a reseller and work with multiple sites–most of them my own.  It is not free to maintain websites.  Many of these sites need to be “monetized” (that is, they need to generate some income for me–so that I can continue to keep them running as well as have income for other projects).  I have decided that I will allow frequency of use to tell me which sites to keep and which to let go.

On some sites, people have registered.  I take that into account.  If no one register, perhaps people haven’t been visiting.  I know there has been a technical issue with some of my sites (reported by Google’s Webmaster Tools).  Those have been fixed, though now I have to go in and adjust for the sites that I will no longer be supporting.

I work with Hostgator and BlueHost as the hosting services for my sites.  Both of these WebHosts have been very helpful in helping me with the website upkeep and trouble-shooting any problems I encounter that go past my ability to work with the sites.  Most of my sites are WordPress sites.  For a full list (including some that have just gone away), visit the Contact-us page on this website or visit our primary site at

May 30th–“The Real” Memorial Day

May 30th is the “Real” Memorial Day (formerly Decoration Day).  It’s a time to honor and to respect those who have sacrificed for their countries, their families, their beliefs.  My Dad was a WWII veteran (Army Captain in the Chemical Corps).  He passed away on “the real” Memorial Day 19 years ago today.  He had turned 85 the month before he passed away.  He and Mom were celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary in June of the year he passed away.  Mom is 99 years old now, and has lived without Dad for the past 19 years.  Dad had cancer and his passing took him out of pain.  (His bones on an X-ray taken shortly before he passed away showed his bones looking like lace.)

Mom is well–no cancer.  She’s doing fine for her age, though she only weighs 97.4 pounds.  (I want her to get to 99 pounds–same number of pounds as years.)  It’s fun to be able to be with her and to have quality time with her.

Lots of people have sacrificed for us–given their lives in support of countries, families, beliefs.  It is important to continue to honor and respect them in the choices we make and in the service we provide.  Memorial Day is a day to remember and to reflect.

Welcome to My Blog!

Joel-Montgomery-JoelMonty-small  Welcome to My Blog!

I’m glad you’re here.  Me, too.  My LinkedIn profile steers you to this blog, so here’s where I need to be writing.  For the past few years I’ve blogged a bit on several websites, in connection with the projects I’ve been focused on.  Starting in the summer of 2014, I’ll be focusing my energies on this blog and will provide links to the other websites as appropriate.

My LinkedIn profile can be found at  When you click on blog, it will bring you here.

This seems to be a good time for reflection, and for deciding what works and what doesn’t do what I want it to do.  I developed lots of websites, some of which get next to no traffic.  (Most of those will disappear soon.)

Come often.  I’ll be posting about a variety of topics.  I’m glad you found your way here today.

Best Regards,

Joel Montgomery (JoelMonty)