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A new post was just added to the EmpowermentCoachnet Page on Facebook.  Rather than repeat the entire post, I’ll summarize it a little. Empowerment is something we’d like to see and lots of people around the world have been disempowered for a long time.  One of the tragedies of disempowerment is what happens to senior citizens, many of whom are very well educated, have been pillars of their community, active, making a positive difference for everyone they contact.  As they age and as their bodies and mental processes slow down, they become disempowered–sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually.  In their disempowered state their quality of life starts to decline as well.

We can make a difference for them.  The post goes into more detail and there is a workshop available that can help caregivers, families, and others who need to be empowering (teachers, medical staff) to learn to help themselves and, by extension, to help others.

Look at the post for more detail.   Joel Montgomery

Upgrading Communication Takes Time

I had not expected the project of upgrading the multiple websites of JoelMonty.net to take more than a day or two.  Instead, it’s taken the better part of a week and that’s just for the infrastructure.  I’m going to need to go into the content as well.

I have multiple websites and this year I used the number of users and comments on the sites as an indicator as to which ones I should hang on to and which ones I should let go of.

Keeping up with the communication itself is also a challenge.  I’ll need to have a better strategy and plan for that in this coming year.  I created many of these sites as part of a plan to monetize what I do over the Internet.  I need to revise my strategy and plan to accomplish that this year.

I’m almost up-to-date–until a plugin developer creates something new and different everyone must have…

Focused Change Services at JoelMonty.com

JoelMonty.com is offering Focused Change Services for teams, groups, and organizations–including schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, and large and small businesses.

These Focused Change Services include the creation of a Change Navigation Map used to guide the client step-by-step through the changes needed to achieve the goals.  Learning and Change Navigation and Coaching services are part of the package.

Clients in the western suburbs of Chicago can take advantage of preferred summer pricing in 2014.  Workshops over the Internet are also available.

Welcome to My Blog!

Joel-Montgomery-JoelMonty-small  Welcome to My Blog!

I’m glad you’re here.  Me, too.  My LinkedIn profile steers you to this blog, so here’s where I need to be writing.  For the past few years I’ve blogged a bit on several websites, in connection with the projects I’ve been focused on.  Starting in the summer of 2014, I’ll be focusing my energies on this blog and will provide links to the other websites as appropriate.

My LinkedIn profile can be found at http://linkedin.com/in/joelmonty/.  When you click on blog, it will bring you here.

This seems to be a good time for reflection, and for deciding what works and what doesn’t do what I want it to do.  I developed lots of websites, some of which get next to no traffic.  (Most of those will disappear soon.)

Come often.  I’ll be posting about a variety of topics.  I’m glad you found your way here today.

Best Regards,

Joel Montgomery (JoelMonty)