Simple Things–Making Mom Happy at 99+

Mom is 99–will be 100 on the 18th of December (the week before Christmas).

She’s doing well for her age, basically healthy, eating well, has some memory challenges and still looks forward to getting up in the morning.

I spend time with her every evening.  Almost a year ago now someone stole the engagement ring she was wearing.  It was an hierloom–originally belonging to her mother.  She missed it and was always looking for it.

She has since given me the two other wedding rings she used to wear with that wedding ring.

Mom lives in a memory-assisted Assisted Living unit that is part of a Continuous Care Retirement Community west of Chicago.  I picked-up some Cubic Zirconia rings to replace the stolen engagement ring.  Nope, those weren’t right.  Later I went to and found a set of rings with a Cubic Zirconia engagement ring very similar to the one that was stolen.  She’s still wearing that one.

She noticed another resident with a wide gold band on her finger and spoke with her about it two separate days–unusual for Mom.  Tonight she asked me to do her a favor (a rare event for her to ask).  She wanted a wide gold band.

I went back to and found another Cubic Zirconia wedding band that should be much wider than the ring she’s currently wearing.  I had them personalize the ring with Mom’s name and Dad’s name on the outside. (Makes it easier to spot if it “goes missing”, too.)

We’ll pick-up the ring from the local store on or around August 5th.  I hope she likes it.  It is a simple thing to keep her happy.