2016 Updates

February 22, 2016

A few updates are in order.  My Mom passed away on Columbus Day, October 12, 2015. She would have celebrated her 101st birthday on December 18th, 2015, so she was well into her hundredth year.

With her passing, much has changed for me though outwardly things look much the same.  I am still at the Saint Charles address for home and work, am continuing in the jobs I had at the beginning of 2015, and am starting to add on new projects and new consulting work.

Another important factor is that I am no longer “anchored” to living where I do. I have lots of support here and am not eager to move just to move. At the same time, if I were to have a reason to move, I could do so.


Abundance and Wealth–Instant Response

As you can tell, I was pretty frustrated yesterday when I wrote the post about things being ridiculous.

Today I received an email from a new friend, Brittney Poppano, who invited me to see a replay of a presentation she shared last night.  Her presentation put me in touch with a company that has a system for building an Internet Information Marketing business.  I’ve been involved with that since the 1980s, though haven’t made any money.

With this new organization, my entire financial situation can be turned around in less than a month, though it will take longer to build a good business.

I’m an Advanced Practitioner in the Law of Abundance-Wealth.  While my earlier post may not seem so, I’ve been working on myself for the past several months, replacing my dis-empowering habits of thought and action with empowering habits of thought and action.  This result is one of the indicators that things are working well.



Focused Change Services at JoelMonty.com

JoelMonty.com is offering Focused Change Services for teams, groups, and organizations–including schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, and large and small businesses.

These Focused Change Services include the creation of a Change Navigation Map used to guide the client step-by-step through the changes needed to achieve the goals.  Learning and Change Navigation and Coaching services are part of the package.

Clients in the western suburbs of Chicago can take advantage of preferred summer pricing in 2014.  Workshops over the Internet are also available.