EmpowermentCoachnet Page on Facebook

A new post was just added to the EmpowermentCoachnet Page on Facebook.  Rather than repeat the entire post, I’ll summarize it a little. Empowerment is something we’d like to see and lots of people around the world have been disempowered for a long time.  One of the tragedies of disempowerment is what happens to senior citizens, many of whom are very well educated, have been pillars of their community, active, making a positive difference for everyone they contact.  As they age and as their bodies and mental processes slow down, they become disempowered–sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually.  In their disempowered state their quality of life starts to decline as well.

We can make a difference for them.  The post goes into more detail and there is a workshop available that can help caregivers, families, and others who need to be empowering (teachers, medical staff) to learn to help themselves and, by extension, to help others.

Look at the post for more detail.   Joel Montgomery

Empowerment–a hot topic

Empowerment is a hot topic today.  I was doing research for an article and found lots of comments about “empowerment.”  Some focused on empowering women, teachers, schools, students, the poor, the under—whatever.

In my own reflections, I began to look at my intuitive scale regarding empowerment.  Situations, cultures, even individuals can be “empowering” or “disempowering.”

How can we tell?  How do we feel when we’re around them?  Are we lifted up?  Are we feeling (honestly) good about ourselves?  Can we do more/better/different in the world around us because of being around them or learning from them or learning something that they are teaching us?

Do we feel weaker? Do we feel more isolated, alone, judged, incapable of movement or change?  (We’ve been in a “disempowering” situation.)

I’m coming to realize that empowerment is similar to the concept of life.  When something is alive, it is constantly growing.  If it is not growing, it is in the process of dying.

When we are working on empowering ourselves and the people around us, we are alive and growing.  When, for whatever reason, we find ourselves “disempowering” someone, we are disempowering ourselves and have stopped growing and lifting toward the Light.

Food for thought.   Joel Montgomery



Law of Attraction-Wealth

I’m a certified advanced practitioner in the Law of Attraction-Wealth.  I’ve been working on myself for the past several months and the opportunity that Brittney Pappano introduced me to yesterday is right in line with how intention and feedback work.

The key for me to achieve one of my intentions in my Law of Attraction-Wealth (more about those later) is to build a team of like-minded people.  As an advanced practitioner I designed a six-week advanced course for graduates of the basic program.  I haven’t even marketed the basic program yet.

I opened a new website today and will post those courses on that one–http://Empowerment-Coach.net.  (Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?)  To take full advantage of the opportunity offered to me yesterday, I need to generate $4,000 in the next 24-hours or so or about $6,000 in the next week.

My “This Is Ridiculous” post on this blog was so effective, I thought I’d put this out here as well.  I’ll set-up marketing pages for the basic and advanced Law of Attraction–Wealth courses.  People who want to do those with me should also get involved (using the links I’ll give them) with the other project to generate income more quickly than we have come to expect.