Law of Attraction-Wealth

I’m a certified advanced practitioner in the Law of Attraction-Wealth.  I’ve been working on myself for the past several months and the opportunity that Brittney Pappano introduced me to yesterday is right in line with how intention and feedback work.

The key for me to achieve one of my intentions in my Law of Attraction-Wealth (more about those later) is to build a team of like-minded people.  As an advanced practitioner I designed a six-week advanced course for graduates of the basic program.  I haven’t even marketed the basic program yet.

I opened a new website today and will post those courses on that one–  (Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?)  To take full advantage of the opportunity offered to me yesterday, I need to generate $4,000 in the next 24-hours or so or about $6,000 in the next week.

My “This Is Ridiculous” post on this blog was so effective, I thought I’d put this out here as well.  I’ll set-up marketing pages for the basic and advanced Law of Attraction–Wealth courses.  People who want to do those with me should also get involved (using the links I’ll give them) with the other project to generate income more quickly than we have come to expect.