Calvary Episcopal Batavia–“The Little Church on the Corner”

Calvary Episcopal Batavia–“The Little Church on the Corner”  (You know the one, it’s the one with the BIG HEART.)

(The comment makes me think about the “Shop Around the Corner”, the 1940 Romantic Comedy with Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullivan, and Frank Morgan–produced by Ernst Lubitch.  That movie was the basis for “You’ve Got Mail”, a 1998 Romantic Comedy with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, directed by Nora Ephron.)

The Shop Around the Corner
The Shop Around the Corner
You've Got Mail
You’ve Got Mail







Calvary Episcopal Batavia was build in the 1800s.  In fact, we just celebrated the 133rd year of its consecration as an Episcopal Church.

Calvary’s location is right at the edge of “downtown Batavia” on the west side of the Fox River at the southeast corner of Batavia Ave (Rt 31) and Main St.  You can see the classic “red door” when driving south on Batavia Ave.

The picture below shows the red door (taken from Main St).  It’s a “virtual yard sign” promoting the next “Mass on the Grass”.

CalvaryEpiscopalBatavia-MOG-VirtualYardSign-Aug-24-2014Calvary Episcopal Batavia has been serving the community for more than 133 years.  Lots of its members have been leaders in Batavia and Calvary Episcopal opened its doors (and its basement) to be the home of the Batavia Islamic Center where it has resided for 25 years.

Calvary Episcopal is very active in its community outreach, serving and contributing to lots of organizations in and around Batavia.

Father Michael Rasicci, the rector, lives what he endorses, “…growing a living faith in Jesus Christ through Worship and Community.”   Members of the “parish” and visitors come together regularly to worship.  Then they are encouraged to take the renewal and energy they received from the Communion out into the world (community) to serve in ways that they are called to serve.  Many are in service to the parish itself–getting ready for the services, assisting in the services, and assisting in serving food and or coffee to the people attending the services who stay for “coffee hour”–or, in the case of “Mass on the Grass” Celebrations, for lunch.

Not only are collections gathered for community organizations, members of the parish are “hands-on” helping at these organizations, preparing and serving food for the homeless, ice cream socials for the seniors at Michaelson Health Center, providing services to elders at the Homstad, and many more.

I spoke with Dan Hoefler, an active member who shared that he does recognize the growing of a living faith in Jesus Christ through his worship and through his service in the community (both the parish and beyond).

I started attending CalvaryEpiscopalBatavia on Easter Sunday, 2014, and have personally found that it does, indeed, have a “BIG HEART” that extends out into the community from “the little church on the corner.”  I’m enjoying my own growth in my living faith in Jesus Christ through worship and community–and, indeed, I am finding new areas of service for me to do in both the parish and the greater community thanks to my connections with CalvaryEpiscopalBatavia.