Bluehost Upgrade & Web Coach

I spoke today with Ian Watson, Bluehost’s new “Web Coach” for my account (

Thanks to our conversation and his legwork on the other end, all of my sites on Bluehost are now on a new (and more robust) server, under a single IP address for

This is supposed to be a significant upgrade in the responsiveness of my websites and your ability to access them.  The transition between servers is probably complete by now, though I haven’t received an email yet confirming that.  This is the first time I’ve tried to access one of my sites since we made the upgrade (around 2:00PM CDT).

Ian will be working with me in checking how well used my websites are.  My goal this summer is to do two things–eliminate websites that aren’t being used and monetize the sites–it would make sense for the websites to pay for their own upkeep.

Beyond that, my goal for my websites is for them to be of value and to generate residual income to help me be able to do the things I want to do in terms of service, making a contribution–and paying rent, being debt-free, etc.

More about that in another post.

Upgrading Communication Takes Time

I had not expected the project of upgrading the multiple websites of to take more than a day or two.  Instead, it’s taken the better part of a week and that’s just for the infrastructure.  I’m going to need to go into the content as well.

I have multiple websites and this year I used the number of users and comments on the sites as an indicator as to which ones I should hang on to and which ones I should let go of.

Keeping up with the communication itself is also a challenge.  I’ll need to have a better strategy and plan for that in this coming year.  I created many of these sites as part of a plan to monetize what I do over the Internet.  I need to revise my strategy and plan to accomplish that this year.

I’m almost up-to-date–until a plugin developer creates something new and different everyone must have…

Keeping Websites Up-to-Date

Today has been challenging!  HostGator–one of my hosting services–is implementing a major change in its PHP configuration tomorrow and I need to make sure my websites in my Hostgator Reseller account will continue to work.  As of publication of this post I’m fairly sure they will and am not absolutely positive.

Saturday I spent lots of time getting my websites hosted by BlueHost up-to-date.  All needed the latest WordPress update, then the plugins and themes had to be updated, then I needed to check the website code due to the needs of some additional plugins I needed.

HostGator and BlueHost tech support are phenomenal.  Both helped me when I had technical issues that went beyond my ability to diagnose and fix.  I’m still in the process of getting everything to operate as efficiently as possible and, hopefully, I am coming close.

As part of the process, I looked at how many users I had on the different sites and have already started to eliminate websites that don’t have anyone looking at them.  I need to do a better job in monitoring and interacting with a fewer number of sites so that I can “monetize” them and actually use them to bring in new clients to my workshops and products and to get input so that I can design some new products for real clients.

I discovered tonight, even though everything was up-to-date yesterday, a different plug-in had changed and now I have to go to every site and upgrade that plug-in.  The good news is that I’m still finishing up my sites, so an extra update won’t take too much time.

Cleaning-up Websites–What Do People Want?

When I’m busy teaching, I often don’t have time to keep up with my websites.  Teaching is winding down for the summer.  I am scheduled to substitute teach on Monday, June 2nd, in the morning and that is about the last time for the 2013-2014 year.

In the last few days I have been doing clean-up on my websites.  I am a reseller and work with multiple sites–most of them my own.  It is not free to maintain websites.  Many of these sites need to be “monetized” (that is, they need to generate some income for me–so that I can continue to keep them running as well as have income for other projects).  I have decided that I will allow frequency of use to tell me which sites to keep and which to let go.

On some sites, people have registered.  I take that into account.  If no one register, perhaps people haven’t been visiting.  I know there has been a technical issue with some of my sites (reported by Google’s Webmaster Tools).  Those have been fixed, though now I have to go in and adjust for the sites that I will no longer be supporting.

I work with Hostgator and BlueHost as the hosting services for my sites.  Both of these WebHosts have been very helpful in helping me with the website upkeep and trouble-shooting any problems I encounter that go past my ability to work with the sites.  Most of my sites are WordPress sites.  For a full list (including some that have just gone away), visit the Contact-us page on this website or visit our primary site at